Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Vibrating Strap-On
Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Vibrating Strap-On

Product Attributes:
  • Battery-Powered
  • Two to Tango

Pump up the passion with our incredible Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Vibrating Strap-On, perfect for beginners and ideal for girl-on-girl encounters and those special rear-end experiences. With just a few squeezes of the medical-style pump ball, this versatile latex dildo fills and inflates, becoming thicker and more satisfying with every thrust. Now dial up a speed on the multi-speed controller and enjoy thrilling vibrations when the dong is inflated. The comfortable latex harness stretches to fit most sizes, and ensures the 15cm inflatable dildo stays in place when the action heats up. The controller clips onto the waistband of your clothing, allowing for hands-free enjoyment and the quick-release valve relieves the pressure when the pounding gets too much!

Our Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Vibrating Strap-On comes complete with a FREE Satin Love Mask

Step outside your comfort zone and explore your kinky side with Pipedream Products’ Fetish Fantasy Series of award-winning sex toys. Balance intimacy with excitement and push the boundaries for an exhilarating release from routine; break out of predictable patterns and up the risk factor on your lovemaking. Use your imagination and discover your wild side to keep things fresh and new – ease yourself into the world of bondage and discipline and enjoy an exploration of erotic sensation that will add a new dimension to the way you play!

Product length 14.0cm
Product width 4.4cm
Product material Latex
Product lubricant Silicone/Water
Product batteries 2 x AA Batteries